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Hello, 412!
(If you know, you know)

Hey there, thrilled to have you here—whether you're in Pittsburgh, across the country, or anywhere in between!

I'm Mia, the creative force behind the lens and the proud CEO of Mia's Memorable Moments Photography & Clicks~Burgh Retro Rentals!

My journey is all about capturing the essence of life through the art of photography. It's like hitting the pause button on life, revealing beauty in every detail, telling stories without uttering a word, and creating a return ticket to moments that would otherwise slip away—all with just one click.

My love for photography began with capturing the stunning landscapes and cityscapes, with a special affection for the breathtaking Pittsburgh skyline. What started as a hobby swiftly evolved into a thriving company, and I couldn't be more grateful for the journey.

I offer a range of services, from intimate weddings and events to branding sessions, holiday mini-sessions, engagements, family photos, and much more. Be sure to follow our socials for updates on seasonal mini-sessions!

I'm eager to freeze your smiles in time soon!

Cheers, Mia

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