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I LOVE giving back to the community! it is such a great feeling knowing you are helping someone, somewhere. It is life enriching. you meet such a huge part of the community through non profit events & fundraisers. It leaves such a positive impact on your perspective forever and ever.

iF you need a donation from Mia's memorable moments for your next event, please feel free to inquire to see if this is something we can help you with! let's chat over a cup of coffee! 

Make-A-Wish Foundation Contribution

I had the opportunity to contribute a full photography session and a piece of my cityscape art [The Pittsburgh Skyline] for the Make A Wish Foundation Silent Auction Event. I think this is an amazing foundation!

August 2021

Donated Photography Items for Events

My photography career started with a passion for landscapes and cityscapes. I have endless captures of the Pittsburgh Skyline, sunflower fields, Myrtle Beach, Deep Creek, and so much more. I decided to print these beautiful captures directly onto mugs, stickers, prints, & more! I have donated countless baskets filled with these unique items.... items that you won't find on a shelf in any store!

Steel City Impact
Sponsor & Vendor

I had the ability to photograph & sponsor a Galentine's Day Event, which supported a great cause! All proceeds benefitted steel city impact, a nonprofit that benefits the youth of Pittsburgh. 

February 2023

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